Jackson Park Condensing Unit and Coil Replacement

Work was replacing an existing failed 32 ton R22 condensing unit and coil in the Air Handling Unit with a new R410A system, along with new refrigeration piping and TXVs. Condensing unit was relocated to a new space with new housekeeping pad and enclosure.

Bremerton Fire Station HVAC

Work was a HVAC and Vehicle exhaust evacuation system for the New Bremerton fire station including controls and extensive refrigeration piping.

Shoreline Community College HVAC Mods

Project consisted of a complete new 25 unit Mitsubishi VRF HVAC system including rooftop heat recovery units and indoor energy recovery boxes.

Harbor Ridge Middle School

Project was an addition to an existing school, with a complete HVAC system and dust collection system for the wood shop.

Village Green Community Center

Miller Sheetmetal Installed the Metal Roofing and Drainage System, along with the installation of the HVAC & HVAC Control system

Naval Hospital Bremerton

Project was rebuilding 3 Mechanical Rooms, with built in place Climate Craft Air Handlers during occupation of the hospital. We accomplished this with the use of a large temporary air handling unit.