Tacoma Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

This project was an expansion of Tacoma Central WWTP, it included a new Odor Control system with new Bio-Scrubbers, New York Blower FRP Exhaust fans, Mist eliminators, FRP duct and associated equipment.

Carnation Wastewater Treatment Plant

This Project consisted of providing and installing a facility wide odor control systems with FRP & PVC odor control ductwork, scrubbers, and fans, along with Lab ventilation system and HVAC system for the operations building.

East Wenatchee WWTP ATAD

Work was an expansion to increase capacity to the existing East Wenatchee Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor control system that was installed by Miller Sheetmetal in 1998. Additional scrubbers, FRP foul air ducting Fans and associated Equipment.

Bright Water Influent Pump Station

Brightwater IPS is a large Wastewater Pumping Station owned by King County in Bothell, WA. Miller Sheetmetal installed the Odor control system, including a series of biological scrubbers, carbon scrubber, Fiberglass duct distribution system. We also installed the facility wide HVAC system including an extensive smoke evacuation system, and generator discharge plenums.

Bright Water WWTP

Started in 2008 and completed in 2012, Miller Sheetmetal performed the HVAC/Controls/ Refrigeration piping and Odor control Ductwork and fans on the Solids side of the WWTP.